Jul 27, 2007

Indiosign is back!

Quite unexpectedly, Google unpublished the Indiosign Blog, thinking it was a spam blog. A spam blog is the spawn of a bot that automatically generates blog entries. Why would anyone go to such lengths to create fake blog entries?

Most search engine optimization experts will know the answer: fake blog entries with links to a certain website will boost that websites ranking in Google.

I think the problem started because I was editing my blog using one Gmail account and answering email on a different Gmail account. This was probably detected by Google's omniscient spam detector and it pulled down Indiosign.

Here is a picture of Google's message. I felt it was not a very helpful message. I didn't know what to do and it didn't provide me with clear steps or who to contact. I only understood that I needed to find a link in the Blogger dashboard after I did some surfing on the Blogger forums.

In any case, Indiosign is back, with new entries and new license plate pictures and a story about SmartBro's bad customer service design. I will also post an entry about sari-sari signboards, soon!

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