Sep 13, 2010

Ideas for Reducing Bus Accidents

I've been on a personal campaign to decrease bus accidents ever since a reckless driver crashed his bus into my car. Unfortunately, it's tough to get reforms because these bus companies can pay off the authorities or use their clout (some of these are owned by police and military officers).

It had to take the death of a celebrity to wake us up. That's good enough for me.

If government is really intent on stopping this menace, it could do the following:
  1. Revoke the permit of any bus company whose bus kills people.
  2. Revoke permits of bus operators who figure in two minor accidents (eg, scrapes, etc).
  3. Make a monthly report of number of people killed in traffic accidents, naming the bus companies involved in these mishaps.
  4. Require annual inspection of buses, including a review of permits and driver's licenses. Scratches, dents, etc in the buses should mean suspension of the company.
Note that I singled out buses here but these could also apply to other public utility vehicle operators.