Feb 11, 2008

Where's Our Airport on the Web?

Sometimes the state of government service may be gleaned from unexpected places. Take a website, for example. There are solid reasons why a government should keep a well-maintained and well-designed website, or websites, for its various agencies and functions.

Our country wants to boost its tourism and participation in the global trade, for example, and creating a website on this would be highly beneficial. If we expect many visitors, then it also makes sense to create websites for our transportation system, notably our airports, rail and ideally, bus systems.

I tried checking the website of our airport (http://www.miaa.gov.ph/) but found, horrors, that the site is being redirected to an IP address ( In terms of web findability, this is the worst crime you could commit. It probably also explains why, if you search for "Philippine international airport" or even the more specific "Ninoy Aquino International Airport" the first page of results do not even include the URL to NAIA.

What's even worst, the redirected link results to an error. I was better off visiting the NAIA entry at Wikipedia -- and that's a sad thing.

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Urbano dela Cruz said...

i found that out nearly a year ago.

It is pathetic. I can't imagine why the tourism industry hasn't raised a stink about this yet.