Nov 15, 2007

Being 10 and a Showcase of Drupal in the Philippines

By the way (what a weird way to start a blog-- "by the way"? anyway:). By the way, I just realized that our company Dig It All Solutions is now 10 years old! Wow!

On paper, Dig It All Solutions was only incorporated in 2004. As a sole proprietorship, it officially became a legal entity in 1999 as Digital Solutions. But our company really began as a rag-tag team in 1997, when we were just designing websites and doing simple ASP and PHP to create dynamic sites.

The term CMS (content management system) had not been invented at that time (if my RAM serves me right), but what we were already doing was building simple CMS engines from scratch: often clunky pieces of code in ASP or PHP that allowed users to Add, Edit and Delete -- or, as they call them now, CRUD (CReate, Update, Delete).

Ten years later, open source CMS have matured. Our CMS of choice is the excellent Drupal. Technically speaking, Drupal is not just a CMS -- it's really a platform that allows people to keep building on it through pluggable modules.

Which brings me to the meet of this topic. There is a growing community of Drupal users in the Philippines and we are proud to be a part of it. Prouder still, because our Tech Department is composed of the primary experts in Drupal (ahem, ahem).

Here is a showcase of some of the pioneering Drupal projects in the country.

Shenzhen Buzz is a lifestyle and tourist guide for Shenzhen and China. Visit it.

The Department of Health is the first government agency to use Drupal.
The Information Management Services (IMS) office of DOH is
notable for spearheading knowledge management efforts in its offices.
Drupal's powerful Taxonomy module makes a website ideal
for promoting knowledge sharing. Visit it.

News Mekong is a collaborative site that allows journalists around the world
to share news and reports about the Mekong Region. Visit it.

Haribon Foundation was also one of the first NGOs
to adapt Drupal. They asked our help after giving up
on their previous static website. It was difficult to update
and took weeks before any update happened.
They have very heavy web traffic, which Drupal efficiently manages. Visit it.

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